Hello everybody!
My name is Mihaylov Artem and I am an iOS developer in Napoleon IT company.
I have been developing for iOS platform since 2015. Programming languages: Objective-C + Swift.
Also I have developed some games for hackatons (Global Game Jam, Ludum Dare) using Unity Game Engine + C# language



Turtle Shift

Can you survive in a hell hexagon world as a TURTLE? It's a challenge for you, your skills and your attention! Get ready your headphones and let's start this wicked game! Follow the bits of music and move. Good Luck! Coming Soon (PostJam version): Mobile port, Balanced levels, Levels choice!

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You are dinosaur. Happy dinosaur. Happy dinosaur with cake. But evil monsters don't share your joy and try to steal your cake. Shout on them to protect your precious delish from enemies. Be very careful, it is said, that there was huge and very dangerous monster among them!

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Still Waters

4 adventures are in the middle of the sea on their small boat. They have small water reserves, and the only food that they can get is fish. Their goal is to get a far-sighted island. Help them to reach their goal, become a captain of their small but brave team! But don’t forget, none of them can swims!

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Collect particles to grow! To collect the particles of different colors, you need to change your color. If you catch the wrong particle the whole row of same color will explode. When you reach the glowing area you will move to the next stage. Every completed stage increases your multiplier.

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Bears In The Dark

You are a forester, who lost alone in the dark wood. Suddenly you heard strange sounds. BEARS! But you have nothing except cones around you. Use them to hit bears and don't forget that the charge of your flashlight isn't eternal! Survive as long as you can! Good Luck!

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This is a strategic-economic-simulator game about TV Station company called "MO & STER TV". Here you will meet FBI, chef and even the president! Make cool reports, earn money, attract the audience and try to hold out for 10 days! But be careful, don't become the monster in the process...

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This mystical game is about sectarian's ritual and their sacrifice. You can't see anything. You can only trust the sounds you hear: sounds like metal shackles ring, dropping water, voices reading incantation or someone voices. Move and listen, and you will find the way from this hell.

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iOS developing


MyHouse is a platform for easy and fast communication between house officing and People. Platform contains web CRM for housing office and mobile application for people


AMImageSequenceView is a simple view for showing image sequence in your iOS app. This view is intended for viewing 360-spin images. It supports horizontal rotation and zooming.

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AMLoadingSpinner is a simple way to show animated spinner for displaying the progress of an ongoing task (for example, downloading file).

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AMStringUtilities is an extension for String struct in Swift, that gives you some advantages for using phone, e-mail and date strings

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